Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Day of Kinder

Some how, and I don't really know how, my baby boy has finished kindergarten.  He is now a "grader" and I am so excited for him.  He had such a wonderful first year of public school, and a lot of that has to do with his teacher, Mr. V.  He matured so much socially and really blossomed into a great kid.  Even though he is now officially a grader,  he will always be my baby boy.

Here are a few pictures he let me take on the last day of school, right before he left.

This is Mr. V, his favorite teacher so far!

And just for a little comparison, here he is on the first day of school. He looks so much older now!!


Weekend at the beach

We rented a beach house over Memorial Day weekend with Anne and Jason and the kids had a blast! I was a bit worried how Ellie would do with the beach, but she LOVED it the first day--not so much the second day!  Here are just a few pictures from the first day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baseball Season!

We're still alive, just living in warp speed!  I honestly don't know how I have neglected this blog for so long!  I know I'll be sorry in a couple of years, because I love to look back on this blog.  It is my own personal scrapbook for the kids, their baby books in a way.

So, its spring time and that means that it is baseball season!  N moved up in his league and is now doing coach pitch.  I'm not going to lie, that scares me!  I was so nervous for his first game, which was Saturday.  He went up there and struck out his first try, although he hit a KILLER foul ball!  It would have seriously been a home run if it had been just a foot over to the right.  My heart broke.  I literally prayed to God for him hit the ball.  So, his next time up, the bases are loaded and the game is tied.  He swings and misses.  He swings and misses again.  Everyone is on the edge of their seat and then BAM!  My baby smacks that ball!  I may have jumped up and screamed!  He had his first RBI that day and none of us could quit smiling.  He talked about it the whole way home!  I couldn't be more proud of my little buddy.  He seriously makes my heart sing.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Go Saints!

My two silly Saints fans (Emma was napping).  They're smiling because they don't know to be upset about a losing team this year.  My other Saints fan (daddy) is off pouting somewhere.  Its going to be a long season. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to School

Yes, we're still alive.  Just seems like we've been living life in the fast lane.  I've been trying to slow things down, but it just isn't happening!

It happened.  My baby boy started kindergarten.  My stomach was in knots about it.  I worried.  Its what I do.  Have I prepared him enough for the big bad world that is out there?  Does he know right from wrong?  Did I teach him to be kind to everyone?  Does he know stranger danger?

I have to take a deep breath and believe that I have done everything I can to prepare my sweet baby.  He is in another person's hands for the majority of the day now.  Even though it breaks my heart into a million pieces not to have him home with me, I am beyond proud of him.  He is a smart, confident, kind, well rounded boy who I know is going to succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

That is not to say that I didn't cry like a baby the first day I dropped him off---who am I kidding, I still tear up almost an entire month later!  He loves school, though.  Loves his teacher, loves his friends, and loves learning.

And then there is this little lovely goof ball.  I love her to pieces.  She is my silly girl, my girl who is full of spunk.  My middle child who loves life.  

She started her second year of Mother's Day Out and is loving every minute of it.  She only goes two days a week, but that is enough for both of us.

She was so happy her first day.  She has a lot of the same friends in her class and is actually staying one afternoon a week, too!  She loves bringing her lunch to school this year!

So, between driving both the older kidlets to school and volunteering at N's school, life has been busy.  It seems like the days are long, but full.  My house is quiet and empty--just Ellie and I a lot of the time.  Its an adjustment that we are all trying to get used to.

I miss all my babies in my house with me.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Ellie's 11 Month Old Post

My little happy baby is 11 months old and once again, I simply cannot believe it.  No way, no how.  But, these last 11 months have been wonderful.  Ellie truly has found her place in our family of 5.  She is my little jokester, my little rebel, yet she is also my sweetheart and my cuddle bug.

Ellie loves her big bubba and her sissy.  She loves to play with them, to aggravate them; she loves to make them laugh and worries about them when they cry; she loves to chase them and wants everything they have.  In other words, she fits right in with them!

This month Ellie has decided that she is officially done with baby food.  She wants whatever we are eating and whatever we are drinking.  She will accept no other.  In fact, she has sort of boycotted spoons all together, believing everything on a spoon is somehow baby food.

She has started saying ma ma, and saying it a lot.  The way she says it is so cute, I love it!  She is also saying "og" for dog and says it all the time.  She is obsessed with dogs, from real ones to ones in books.

She is not doing well with her glasses and will not wear them.  The minute I put them on, she pulls them right off.  There is no distracting her and I'm not sure what to do about it.  After her surgery in July she won't need them anymore.  So, we just need to get through one more month.

She truly is my happy baby, usually full of smiles.  She is getting better and better about going to other people finally!  Garett has actually been able to hold her recently, which is a huge relief.  I can actually do a few things with two hands again.  I sort of forgot what that was like!

She is cruising all over and will be walking soon I just know it!  She has too many things to do to crawl for much longer!

She loves swinging, playing in Emma's pink kitchen, her cow jack in the box, any dog, playing peek a boo, our neighbor Jax, and popsicles.

Happy 11 months baby girl!  I love you to the moon and back!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ellie is 10 Months!

Like most of her monthly posts, this one is late!  My baby is already 11 months, but I wanted to make sure I write down what she did each month so that I don't forget!

Ellie is crawling all over the place this month and she is into EVERYTHING!  The kids have to be so careful with their toys because she will find them and she will put them in her mouth.  It is a game to her.  She knows she is going to get caught and she lives for the thrill.  She'll find something, get a huge smile on her face, and slowly bring it to her mouth.  When I say, "Ellie, no!" she laughs and throws it.  Ahhh, this child...

Another favorite game of her's is to get into Ellie's dollhouse and make a big earthquake.  In other words, she shakes it until Emma is screaming and all the furniture is on the ground.  She think this is hilarious!  Do you see a pattern here?  I have a mischevious little baby!  And I love it!

She's still very attached to me.  She will not let another soul hold her.  While it is hard and sometimes I swear my arm is going to fall off, I am soaking it all in.  My baby is going to be a year soon and it is just killing me.  I want them to stay little forever.

She's babbling like crazy, although she hasn't said a word yet.  I'm just hoping her first word is mama!  She loves to mimic.  Emma will scream and then she will scream, Emma will scream and then she will scream and they will both go into giggling fits.  Its pretty darn cute!

Her favorite toy is our little Cow Jumping Over the Moon Jack in the Box.  She lives for that!  She's figured out what she needs to do to get it open, but just can't make the circular motion with it yet.  Still, that cow popping out gets her everytime!

Love you to the moon and back baby!


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