Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Ballerina

I enrolled Emma in dance class this past Spring and again for the Summer. She needed something of her own, something that she didn't have to share with Nathan, a place she could make friends without the help of big brother. And boy was this it! She thrived in it and it really showed me what I sort of already knew--this girl is a social butterfly and has music in her!

Her recital was last month and she really shined! She did everything she was supposed to, and if I do say so myself, she was the cutest and best little dancer out there! Love that chick! Grandma brought her some flowers and Hershey Kisses (her fav) and she could not wait to get home to eat them! She also received a trophy, which she held onto all night. I think she would have slept with it if I let her!

Right before the recital.

Getting her trophy from her teacher.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Three

Even though it'll be two weeks tomorrow, I still can't believe that I am a mom to three beautiful, very special kids.

Nathan is my little sweetheart. He is such a big helper and really aims to please. It breaks his heart if you are not happy with him and he really tries to always have a smile on his face. He loves to write little notes to us and draw the most beautiful pictures. Our fridge is proudly plastered with his artwork. He adores both of his sisters, but has told us that we are not allowed to have any more kids. ;) I love this little boy with all of my heart.

Emma, oh Emma. Emma is my spunky little firecracker. She does not take no for an answer and I really don't even know why she asks permission to do things anymore. She already has her mind made up and if our answer is different than the one she wants to hear, she just does her own thing. I love that she is sure of herself. I will never have to worry about her being walked all over by anyone. She is also a total sweetheart and super, super smart. She gets her feelings hurt very easily. I love this little girl with all of my heart.

Ellie is going to be my quiet one, I think. Right now, she loves to sleep and just look at everyone nd everything. Its like she is actually studying her surroundings. She adores Nathan and Emma and I have a feeling will be following them everywhere they go in just a few short months. I love this little girl with all my heart.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My little smiler

Ellie is a week old today and so far she has been the dream baby! She sleeps and nurses like a champ and rarely cries. And, I sweaar, she smiles so much. I know they say that at this age it is just gas, but I'm not buying it. Those are real, deep dimple smiles and I love them!

Monday, June 20, 2011

She's here!

Ellie Rose Willig came into this world on Tuesday, June 14th at 10:25 and we couldn't be more in love with that little baby girl. She completes our family, makes it whole, fills it with more love than you can even believe possible.

Her birth story is pretty short, just like my other two. I had been 4 cm dilated for a two weeks and had been having contractions for the past month, but nothing too strong. The doctor really didn't think that I would make it to my induction date, but I did!

That morning, we had to be at the hospital at 5:30. My parents and Rachel came over early, early to watch the kids, who were still sleeping. Garett and I headed off to the hospital, nervous and excited. When we got there, I was a little dehydrated and Ellie's heartrate was a bit low, so they started me on an IV of liquids. I have to say, that was the most painful part of the day! The nurse could not get the IV in and tried several times on both arms. Finally, she had to call in another nurse who had a bit of a time, too. I have never had any problems with IV's, so I don't know what the problem was, but ouch!

After a bit, they started the Pitocin. They were still a bit worried about Ellie's heartrate because it was on the lower side. At 9:45, the doctor came in and broke my water. I really wanted the epidural before she broke my water, but that didn't happen. So, I did have to go through one painful contraction before the epidural doctor came in and gave that to me. Right after he did, my heartrate shot up to the 170's and we had to work on getting that back down. But, that epidural was the best one that I have ever gotten. I felt the pressure and a bit of the pain of the contractions, but the actual delivery was completely pain free.

At 10:25, after 3 pushes, Ellie was born. The one scary part of the entire day was that she came out with the cord wrapped around her neck. That was the reason her heartrate kept dipping. i am just so grateful that everything turned out okay. She weighed 8 pounds (the biggest of my three) and was 20.5 inches long. She has a head full of brown hair. It, like the other two births, is simply the most amazing thing I have ever gone through. That feeling when they put your baby on your chest for the first time is magical and something that I will remember until the day I die. It is instant love, instant adoration.

Nathan and Emma have done so well with Ellie. They love on her and kiss her so much, that sometimes I have to back them off. Nathan is like a little mother hen with her. He wants to hold her constantly and is always checking on her and getting her the things she needs. He is SUCH a good big brother. Emma is really good with her, too. She has already gone through all of her diapers and picked out the Cookie Monster ones for Ellie to go through first. Every time I need to change her, she runs to get a diaper from the Cookie Monster stash. That kid is so funny.

Here is one picture from the hospital until I can edit the other ones I've taken!

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