Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning

Its been a fun, yet simple Saturday morning. I love Saturdays.

We all woke up around 9 and just layed in bed talking. Ems loves to roll over and grab Nathan's hair and just laugh. She thinks its funny. And Nathan loves to wrap his arms around her and kiss her. Have I mentioned how much I love my two kiddos???

Then we all went outside to play. I thought it would be a good time to snap some pictures of the two of them together, although it is next to impossible to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. This was Emma's first time so sit in the grass (on a blanket of course) and she loved it. The dogs got more attention than I did from her, though!

And this is the look she gave me when I tried to make her look at me instead of the dogs. Attitude already!

Okay, we're off to enjoy the rest of our Saturday!
Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Months Already??!!

My little Morning Glory turned 7 months old today. She has been sick this week and I was so relieved and happy when she woke up this morning with a big grin on her face. My happy baby was back and oh how I missed her. I felt so bad for her these past few days because she was miserable. She and I spent a lot of time in her rocker just cuddling and sleeping.

This month was full of fun and firsts for us! Emma had her first visit to the beach and she wasn't too happy about it! Well, she really just wasn't happy about putting her feet in the waves. She actually LOVED people watching everyone, though. She spent a lot of time in Grandpa's lap just taking the whole scene in.

She also went swimming for the first time. She didn't mind it at all and actually had fun as long as she was in my arms and boy did she ever hold on tight! Not to mention, she looks really cute in her little bathing suit!

Emma is able to sit up all by herself now and rarely falls down. She sits up nice and straight and is so proud of herself. I love watching her try to reach for things and then trying to regain her balance. I think that the crawling is coming soon!

If you lay her down on the ground, she rolls over right away and then begins crying. She hates being on her belly! She turns and scoots around the floor like crazy. She just doesn't want to stay in one place.

We started solids late last month and she is just not interested in it at all. She turns that little mohawk head and clamps those lips shut. I have tried just about all different kinds and nothing will do. I suppose she will eat solids one day! I'm in no rush for my baby to grow up.

Emma Grace, I have had a wonderful 7 months with you and look forward to a lifetime of great memories. I love you so much baby girl!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Rachel kindly reminded me the other day that I haven't updated my blog in about a month. Ack! I hadn't realized it had been that long. It just seems like things have been so busy lately! Has it really almost been a month?

1. Mimi (Garett's grandma) came and stayed with us for a few days. She is our first official house guest! The kids had a blast with her, though it took Emma a day to get used to being held by someone else. E is going through that stage where only mama will do!

2. While Mimi was here,we took her to the local zoo. I LOVE the Lufkin Zoo, amazingly. Is it crazy that we are going there again tomorrow--which makes two times in one week--with our friends, Erin and Kendall?

3. Speaking of the zoo, Nathan is TERRIFIED of peacocks. There are a ton that just roam the zoo. I end up having to hold him the whole trip. Anyone know how to get rid of an irrational peacock fear????

4. Emma is sitting up! She still topples over some, but she is getting better and better everyday! I am so proud of my baby girl!

5. It has been beautiful here the past few days. I mean, where on earth did this great weather come from? We live in Texas for Pete's sake. And its May. Anyway, I'll take it! Emma, Nathan, and I have been playing outside a lot. I thought I'd try to put Emma in Nathan's old car and see how she liked it. Man oh man did she like it! She knew right where to put her hands and how to sit. She's a natural born driver! Nathan likes to push her, though it makes me a little nervous. I love this shot because of little N's tongue sticking out. That is so him. He sticks out his tongue when he is concentrating.

6. Who is this woman with Emma???? I really have two or three pictures with me and her. I am just always behind the camera. Garett grabbed my D300 and took a few. I'm sort of protective of my camera.

7. I started Jillian Micheals' 30 Day Shred. You can see why in the picture above. I just can't seem to stop gaining weight after Emma. I am breastfeeding her still, so I am always hungry, but something has got to give! Anyway, that work out video, ummmm ow. I was hurting for two days after starting it. I had to stop due to company and going out of town, but Jillian, here I come!

8. We still haven't finished unpacking.

9. Guess what I have done for the last two weekends. I mowed the grass, or uh, helped Garett mow the grass! I have never touched a lawnmower in my life. I thought it might be good exercise. It was actually pretty fun, safety glasses and all.

10. Three superheros down, tons more to go. The list keeps getting longer and longer.

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