Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little of This and a Little of That

Things have been so busy around here! We hosted playgroup at our house (well, my parents' house) today and it was a blast. I decided to throw a cookie decorating party because I will take any excuse to throw a party! Imagine 5 four year olds, 2 one year olds and a 7 month old decorating cookies with every kind of sprinkle under the sun. It was a blast, but sadly I didn't get a single picture.

I have been trying to finish up my Christmas shopping, get all my Christmas cards out, and get ready for Garett's office party all at the same time. I just don't feel like I am getting much done because I am not finishing anything! I think I have about half my cards addressed, about half my shopping done and only a dress to wear to the party. All my dress shoes are packed up, so tomorrow I go shoe shopping with the kids. Fun.

Emma is growing up before my eyes. When did my baby girl become a little girl? She is talking more and more now, saying Mama (ALLLLLLL the time), Dada, Buba, Bath, Moon and wow. She can also tell us how an elephant, dog, and cow sound. She has such a strong personality that it literally cracks me up daily. She is the most head strong child I have ever met in my life, but I LOVE that about her. Of course, ask me if I still love that about her when she is a teenager.

Friday, December 4, 2009


It is actually snowing in Houston! Can you believe it? What next? The Saints winning the Super Bowl? ;)

I took the kids out for a few minutes. I am ashamed to say that neither of the kids has a heavy coat yet--I mean, we usually don't need one--so we didn't stay out too long. They both loved it, but little E was so not ready to come in!

Then later, our friend Lisa came over with her daughter. They stayed for a bit and then played in the snow. N and I even made a tiny baby snow man!

Plus, rumor has it, Garett's office closes early today!

What a great snow day!
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Handsome Kid

Emma isn't much of a sleeper. In fact, she sleeps a lot less than Nathan did at this age and that is saying A LOT since he didn't sleep much either. So, it is hard to find that special Nathan and Mommy time. When she does take those little naps, N and I have so much fun together. Don't get me wrong, we have tons of fun with Emma, too, but they both need their alone time with me.

Anyway, during today's half hour nap, we went outside in the cold and took a few pictures. When did my baby turn into such a little man????

I love this boy so much.
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Miss us?

I haven't blogged in almost a full month! Things have just been so hectic around here. I think the most major thing is that my friend Lisa and I decided to open up a photography business together. We have been swamped taking Christmas pictures and I am finally coming up for air to breathe! It has been fun, though. I have two more sessions this weekend and then I am done until after Christmas! We're only taking pictures on the weekends, though, since she works and I am with the kids during the week.

Anyway, I am sure that people have missed pics of the kids. They have gotten so big so fast! We have been battling some sort of virus this week and last. Luckily, the kids are almost better, now it has moved on to Garett and me. Ugh!

Our house is looking good! The outside is done except for the brick and I am hoping that they sheetrock it this week. I really need to take a pic of it!

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