Monday, May 28, 2012

Ellie is 10 Months!

Like most of her monthly posts, this one is late!  My baby is already 11 months, but I wanted to make sure I write down what she did each month so that I don't forget!

Ellie is crawling all over the place this month and she is into EVERYTHING!  The kids have to be so careful with their toys because she will find them and she will put them in her mouth.  It is a game to her.  She knows she is going to get caught and she lives for the thrill.  She'll find something, get a huge smile on her face, and slowly bring it to her mouth.  When I say, "Ellie, no!" she laughs and throws it.  Ahhh, this child...

Another favorite game of her's is to get into Ellie's dollhouse and make a big earthquake.  In other words, she shakes it until Emma is screaming and all the furniture is on the ground.  She think this is hilarious!  Do you see a pattern here?  I have a mischevious little baby!  And I love it!

She's still very attached to me.  She will not let another soul hold her.  While it is hard and sometimes I swear my arm is going to fall off, I am soaking it all in.  My baby is going to be a year soon and it is just killing me.  I want them to stay little forever.

She's babbling like crazy, although she hasn't said a word yet.  I'm just hoping her first word is mama!  She loves to mimic.  Emma will scream and then she will scream, Emma will scream and then she will scream and they will both go into giggling fits.  Its pretty darn cute!

Her favorite toy is our little Cow Jumping Over the Moon Jack in the Box.  She lives for that!  She's figured out what she needs to do to get it open, but just can't make the circular motion with it yet.  Still, that cow popping out gets her everytime!

Love you to the moon and back baby!


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