Monday, June 30, 2008

"Paint da window!!"

It has been such a nasty day and little N and I were going stir crazy. So, after dinner I had the idea that we could do an art project. We always paint on paper, so what about the window! N got so excited when I suggested that we paint the window. He kept saying it over and over and laughing. What an absurd, but fun idea! So, we gathered our paints and fingerpainted all over the window. Even daddy got into it! This was one time where little N didn't mind getting his hands dirty with paint.

It was dark outside, so its kind of hard to see the paint in the picture. Next time this will have to happen during the daytime.

And right before the obvious bath...

Friday, June 27, 2008

My Sweet Little Boy

I love bedtime. Mostly because N is so sweet and cuddly during that time. It is a sure thing that you are going to get a bunch of kisses and hugs.

Our routine is for Garett to spend some "Daddy and Me" time with N by giving him his bath. I hear them talking about all sorts of things in there! It is so cute! Then, Garett gets him out of the bath, dries him off and puts him in whatever night shirt I have layed out. Last night it was his Hulk "Boom, Crash" shirt. Nathan loves saying "boom, crash" right now. Then its time for "teeeeth". We all snuggle in bed and read three or four books. This week, N's favorite book is his Clovis book.

Here is my precious little boy reading his Thomas book last night right after his bath.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Today is a special 10 on Tuesday because today was the day we found out the sex of the baby! We are having a little girl! We couldn't be more thrilled that N is having a little sister!

So, here are the tope 10 things I cannot wait to buy for our little girl!!! I found all these of course during my two years of shopping for Nathan.

1. Baby Legs I wanted to get these so bad for N, but Garett absolutly refused. He said that they were way too girly. They have boy ones, though! Anyway, my little girl will have several pairs! I think they will look so cute under dresses. Plus, since she will be born in November, they will keep her little legs warm during the winter!

2. Knit Flower Hat I think these hats are PRECIOUS! I can just imagine all the great photo ops in these little hats. Nathan only went through a very short hat phase. Hopefully, this little one will love hats!

3. A Play Kitchen Again, I wanted this for Nathan, but again Garett refused. I really don't think that kitchens are just for girls, but oh well. I will be getting a kitchen!

4. Felt Food And to go along with the kitchen, fake food! I had a friend who had these for her daughter and I thought they were so cute! Have a I mentioned how much I love Etsy???

5. Pink dresses!!! OMG, shopping for Nathan was so much fun, but I always noticed how the girl racks greatly outnumbered the boy racks. It just wasn't fair! Now I get to venture onto the girl side! Rach and I went and looked this weekend, before we even knew it was a girl, and fell in love with so many dresses.

6. Hair Clippies I saw these a long time ago and thought they were precious. There is one for every outfit! Don't worry, though. I don't have any grand dreams of them actually staying in her hair too long!

7. Grocery Cart I used to love mine as a kid and can't wait to see my little pigtailed girl driving her's around the house. She can put some of her felt food in it!

8. MaryJane Socks I actually found these while shopping for Nathan. They have some that are tennis shoes for boys. I really wanted them, but just never got around to getting them. On Tuesday, after the u/s, N and I went to Target and I bought some knock offs (but still just as cute)--My first baby purchase!!!
Monday, June 23, 2008


Tonight we thought it would be fun to make pizza with Nathan. He enjoyed making it and we enjoyed helping--that is until the cheese was dumped on the floor. Still, most of it made it onto the crust. Nathan didn't have as much fun eating it once it was cooked. I think he only ate two or three bites.

Waiting patiently...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top 10 on Tuesday

I thought I'd start off this Top 10 on Tuesday series with Nathan's top ten cutest things that he says. He is really talking up a storm and is picking up everything we say. I love it, but we have to be VERY, VERY careful. He has already said a bad word, but luckily he doesn't say it over and over--just once.

1. Ohhhh byyyy gosh.....I fell down one day and said, "Oh, my gosh." N heard me say it and has been saying it ever since. We think it is so cute when he says it that we laugh and clap, as does he. So, now he expects a round of applause every time he says it!

2. More peas..... Which translates into "More please." This is usually said with coke and cake. Sometimes he says this before he has even swallowed what he has in his mouth. He just wants to make sure there is more waiting for him!

3. Anks Mom..... And to follow with the Mr. Polite theme, this means "Thanks mom." He says this EVERY SINGLE TIME we give him something. I can't believe that a 22 month old is so polite and we didn't even purposely teach him that. He just picked it up by listening to us. I swear, my child is a genius.

4. One-a, two-a, tree..... One, two, three. He loves to do this. He can count up to 10, but loves to preface anything he does with "one-a, two-a, tree!" He says the one and two very slowly and then shoots out the three. He is into jumping now (though doesn't get any air) and counts everytime while looking at us. Also, in the car, he'll say this and then we all have to act crazy. If we don't, we get in trouble! He is just now trying to add the fingers in with the counting, but can only do one and two. Three is a little tricky.

5. Meenk, daddy.....which means "Music, Daddy." The kids loves music and loves to dance. We havea Kindermusik CD in teh car and he is OBSESSED with Yankee Doodle Dandy. We have to listen to that song over and over and over again. Since we were going to Lousiana last weekend, Garett and I decided that we needed to buy a new CD. There was no way we could listen to Yankee Doodle for four hours. So, we bought a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD. While it was loads better than Yankee Doodle, it was still 4 hours of Hot Dog House.

6. Mommy's Twurn..... Mommy's (or Daddy's or NayNay's) turn. We get this a lot, but it is usually when little munchkin is tired of doing something or doesn't want to do it. Just this afternoon, I changed a poopy diaper and asked N to throw it in the trash--which he loves to do. He tells me, "No, no. Mommy's twurn."

7. Night the sweetest whisper. We co sleep and he says this to me everynight right before he falls asleep. It really melts my heart and makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little boy.

8. Kincy and Ellleee...Quincy and Elli, which are our two dogs. I love the way that he says their names. In fact, they were two of his first words. He adores those two and they tolerate him. His favorite thing to do right now is hang upside down and let the dogs come up and try to give him kisses. He thinks that this is the funniest thing in the world.

9. Momas.....Which means Thomas. Garett bought him a train table a few weeks ago and he plays with that thing all the time. He knows Thomas, Molly, and Duck all by name. He loves the TV show, too, but that is a daddy thing. I cannot stand that show. I'm more of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Zaboomafoo type of girl.

10. NosNos.....Rhinoceros. We have this huge blow up Rhino on a street by our house. We were driving by it one day and N yells, "NosNos, BIG NosNos." It took me a bit to figure out what a nosnos was, but I did! I just love the way he says it. Now, we go on NosNos hunts everytime we get in the car. "More nosnos, mommy."
Friday, June 13, 2008

Playgroup Friday!

Today is the day of the week that Nathan looks forward to (okay, maybe more so me)--Playgroup Friday and it was at our house today! The kids all had a lot of fun, although N wasn't too keen about letting other kids play with his new train table. He is VERY possessive of that thing! Sometimes Garett and I aren't even allowed to touch it. We can only sit and watch him play. I think this kills Garett because he loves that table as much as little N.

The baby has been kicking like crazy lately. I had forgotten what it was like to feel like inside of you. It such a great feeling and I don't think that words could ever describe it. Only 11 more days until we find out what this baby is! I am so counting down the days!

This picture is a week or two old, but I have to share them. N had so much fun playing in his pool. It was big enough for Mommy and Daddy to get into it, too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogging Again

I realized today just how much I am forgetting. Nathan is growing up so fast and changing everyday. I am not writing down everything he is doing and saying and for that I am ashamed. So, I thought I would start up a blog again dedicated to our family. I want to start documenting our day to day life, no matter how boring it might be to others!

So, let the blogging begin...

Today Nathan and I had a nice, relaxing day. We visited the library and had a blast looking through all the different books. Nathan loved just picking random ones off the shelf and reading them. I am going to make an effort to go every week. My little one is such a bookworm! So, far his favorite library find is Row Row Row Your Boat by Iza Trapani. He calls it his "Bear Book".

Nathan also has a favorite TV show now that he calls "HotDog House" aka Mickey Mouse Club House. He LOVES (LOVES is probably an understatement) the two songs in it. Anyway, we were watching it today and it was singing the M-I-C-K-E-Y part of the song and N was singing along. When it got time for the M-O-U-S-E part, my little buddy belts out "M-oh my knee" and grabs his knee. It was so funny, but I couldn't let him see me laughing.

What's a post without a picture? Here's N watching his HotDog House.

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