Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're okay!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are okay! Our garage and Garett's car, on the otherhand, are not--but more about that later.

Our power finally came back on Friday night (after a full week) and I can actually say that it made me tear up. Being 8 months pregnant and having no power is absolutly miserable. Nathan did okay with the whole ordeal because we spend A LOT of time outside--taking walks, painting, playing with the neighbor kids, etc. He actually had a blast.

Anyway, as I said earlier, G's car and our garage didn't fare so well. About 4 in the morning on Saturday during IKE, I heard this loud crash. I thought for sure that a tree fell on our house. In the morning, we could finally see that thankfully that didn't happen. But, our big 100 year old oak tree in the back fell right on the garage and G's car that was in front of the garage. It took out our gumball tree with it. G's car is pretty much totalled and the garage has seen better days. We had some tree people come out this last Friday and rescue my car (which was in the garage) and take the tree off of everything. You should see the pile of debris in our front yard.

I will post pictures later once I get them downloaded. For now, though, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are all safe.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More from San Antonio

Nathan's cool ride that mommy wished she could fit into, but as N reminded me many times, "Mommy too big."I think one of N's favorite things that he remembers from the trip was feeding the flamingos (the "meeengos"). We fed the dolphins at Sea World, too, so that's what we figured he would remember. Everytime we mention feeding the dolphins, he says meeeengos. So, up until yesterday we thought he was saying "minnows" because we fed the dolphins little fish. Nope, I figured it out yesterday--meeengos.

My favorite part of the Sea World day was feeding the dolphins. It was so neat because they come right up to you with their mouths wide open. We had like three waiting for us to feed them. It was pretty cool!

N's second cool ride of the day. He spent a lot of time up on daddy's shoulders. Again, mommy wishes she could have had a ride like that, but I probably would have broken G's back. By the end of the day, we were all so tired.

I also realized that I say, "Careful baby," a lot. And when I mean a lot, I mean a lot. It's funny what kids point out to you. The whole trip, N was saying, "Careful baby" to Garett. In the picture above, G was walking close to the curb, so N was saying, "Careful baby, big step." Earlier in the day he told Garett, "Careful Daddy," while he was driving on the freeway--and with good reason! Then on Sunday, he said, "Careful Daddy, water," because G had him on his shoulders again and they were walking next to the River Walk. It was so cute and funny!
Monday, September 8, 2008

We're back!

We had a blast in San Antonio! First off, G deserves a pat on the back for the hotel he chose. We stayed at Hotel Contessa and it was beautiful! We had a room that overlooked the River Walk and there was a wedding that went on each night.

When we left Friday afternoon, N was super excited! I had been talking about our vacation all week and he really couldn't wait to go. Here is a picture of him on the way there. I am so proud of my little man for being such a great traveller. I don't think he cried the whole car trip!

We arrived in San Antonio around 7:30 and immediatly hit the River Walk. I have to admit I was a little scared of N falling in. He wanted to get close to the ducks in the water and did not want to hold our hands. But,we eventually made it to Casa Rio and had a great time eating there. N especially liked dipping his taquitos in the green dip (guacamole), the white dip (sour cream) and the yellow dip (Queso). Needless to say, our meal was probably over an hour long with all that dipping!

That next morning, we left to go to Sea World! I have to admit, being 32 weeks pregnant and thinking about walking the entire day scared me, but I think I did pretty good. First,we went and saw an acrobat show with the dolphins and whales. N loved it and kept wanting the dolphins to come back out.

N had Dippin' Dots for the first time and seemed to really love them. Those are some neat little things!
I will have to post more tomorrow! Naptime is coming to an end!
Thursday, September 4, 2008

What do you do in the heat of the summer???

Play in the water of course! N took up this fear of the hose last year and never wanted anything to do with it--until now. I turned on the hose to fill up his water table and he would NOT let me turn it off. He had so much fun spraying the dogs with water, spraying me with water, spraying himself with water, spraying anything and everything with water. I think our water bill is going to be through the roof, but I don't care! I love to see my little boy so happy.

We're off for our family vacation to San Antonio tomorrow afternoon! I seriously cannot wait! Garett booked us a suite overlooking the River Walk and has planned all sorts of things for us to do. I know that N is going to have a blast and I am looking forward to having Garett all to ourselves for two whole days! I've missed my husband and N has missed his daddy!
Monday, September 1, 2008

Our house is on the market


That is all I have to say about that.

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