Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Day of Kinder

Some how, and I don't really know how, my baby boy has finished kindergarten.  He is now a "grader" and I am so excited for him.  He had such a wonderful first year of public school, and a lot of that has to do with his teacher, Mr. V.  He matured so much socially and really blossomed into a great kid.  Even though he is now officially a grader,  he will always be my baby boy.

Here are a few pictures he let me take on the last day of school, right before he left.

This is Mr. V, his favorite teacher so far!

And just for a little comparison, here he is on the first day of school. He looks so much older now!!


Weekend at the beach

We rented a beach house over Memorial Day weekend with Anne and Jason and the kids had a blast! I was a bit worried how Ellie would do with the beach, but she LOVED it the first day--not so much the second day!  Here are just a few pictures from the first day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baseball Season!

We're still alive, just living in warp speed!  I honestly don't know how I have neglected this blog for so long!  I know I'll be sorry in a couple of years, because I love to look back on this blog.  It is my own personal scrapbook for the kids, their baby books in a way.

So, its spring time and that means that it is baseball season!  N moved up in his league and is now doing coach pitch.  I'm not going to lie, that scares me!  I was so nervous for his first game, which was Saturday.  He went up there and struck out his first try, although he hit a KILLER foul ball!  It would have seriously been a home run if it had been just a foot over to the right.  My heart broke.  I literally prayed to God for him hit the ball.  So, his next time up, the bases are loaded and the game is tied.  He swings and misses.  He swings and misses again.  Everyone is on the edge of their seat and then BAM!  My baby smacks that ball!  I may have jumped up and screamed!  He had his first RBI that day and none of us could quit smiling.  He talked about it the whole way home!  I couldn't be more proud of my little buddy.  He seriously makes my heart sing.


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