Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Mmmm, long weekends... What else can I say, but that they are great. There is something so magical, something so wonderful about knowing that there is that extra day off. Unfortunately, Garett did have to work most of Monday, but he was able to sleep in a bit later and come home a bit earlier (even if he does have to work tonight after we put the kids to bed).

We woke up early on Saturday and drove down to Galveston Island for our annual "Ink and Drink" shrimp boil and Uncle Bobby's house. Lots of good food and company! N wasn't too thrilled with the main course (crawfish), but E thought they were pretty cool and really wanted to show me. I'm on N's side here, though!

He did love the desserts, though!

To say that the kids had a blast at the beach is a total understatement. Emma LOVED every minute of it, in case you can't tell. My tiny dancer let loose and just had fun.

That silly Emma and her grandpa. She loves her "pawpaw".

And her grandma!

Nathan, on the otherhand, took some time to warm up to the waves. He wasn't crazy about going out into the ocean, but found a little tide pool that was just his size. Then, the boy ran as fast as he could up and down the length of the water. And, he is the best sand castle builder ever.

On Sunday, we finally finished painted Little E's room! I cannot wait to get it all fixed up and just perfect for her. I'll have to share pics later, once its done.

We also spent A LOT OF TIME at the "park" in our backyard. A month or so ago, we bought the kids a new playsystem and Emma wants to spend every waking moment on it. She has this cute little park dance where she stomps her feet and sings,"PARRRRRRRRRRK!" I love it.

And I love summer!


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