Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Last week, I was tired of watching Pinky Dinky Doo, so I told the kids that we were going on a surprise trip. Immediately their ears perked up and the million guesses started. I just smiled, packed us a picnic lunch, got everyone dressed, loaded up our wagon and off we went. You could feel the excitement in the car. Use the word "surprise" and the fun factor multiplies tremendously. Of course, I had to get a shot before we left.

The minute we pulled into the parking lot, N screamed, "ZOOOOOO!!!!" He told me that he knew all along, but just didn't want to ruin the surprise for Emma. Hmm, right kiddo.

They were having a dino exhibit there, but as much as N loves dinosaurs, he doesn't love life size ones that move. This statue was as close to them as he would get!

Emma knew exactly what she wanted to do first--ride the carousel. We bought our tickets, picked our animal, went round and round, our turn was over, and on came the flood of tears. "One more turn!!!!" I caved. What is a mom with a crying kid to do. So, we repeated the process and the end result were more tears.

They quickly dried with a promise of a snow cone, though!

Oh yeah, lunch, animals, and the splash pad were squeezed in there, too! ;)

The kids and I had a blast on our surprise trip. I am already planning our next surprise for Friday!


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