Friday, July 29, 2011

July 4th

Fourth of July this year was very low key since Ellie was so young. I didn't want to travel with her or get her out around a lot of people. I don't think we will be travelling anywhere anytime soon. It is hard enough with two, I can't imagine it with three!

Anyway, we went to my parents' house for about an hour, about long enough to eat dinner. Jason, Anne, and McKenna were there, too. I tried to get a pic of all four cousins in their coordinating outfits, but that didn't quite work out. Ellie fell asleep and out of the 20 pictures I took, not one of them had all three kids looking. That's okay, though, because I really like this one--real life, ya know? ;)

Then, we found a great spot by where we live to watch the fireworks. N sat on top of the car and LOVED the fireworks. He talked about them for days. Em did not love them. in fact, she spent most of the show in the car, cuddled up with me, peeking every now and then. She talked about them for days, too, but in a different way! Ellie liked them surprisingly. She was wide eyed the whole time!



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