Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nathan's Party!

Nathan's 5th birthday party was at the end og August and I am just getting some time to go through the pictures--that's what happens when you have three BUSY kids!

We don't have a mailbox at our new house. Ack! Can you believe that one of the first things I asked my Garett when we decided to build this house was where was I going to tie balloons for the kids' parties. I always tied them to the mailbox! Yeah, I notice things like that...

So, this was my solution.

I found a little pirate boy on etsy, bought him, changed his hair and eye color to match my Nathan's (I used him throughout the party),, and drew him on some plywood. Then I had Garett cut him out, and we all took part in painting him--even the kids. I think he looked perfect outside, AND I had a place to tie the ever important balloons!

Once all the kidlets entered the house, they had to make a stop at the Pirate table and become true pirates, hooks and all!

I designed the sign in photoshop and slipped it in a frame I bought at the dollar store. All the rest of the pirate gear I bought at different places online. Then I sprinked the table with chocolate gold coins. I think those were gone within seconds! I also cut out some vinyl with my Silhouette machine and put it above the table. It reads: Pirates Only: All others will walk the plank. Loved it!

Once the kids were true pirates, they had jobs to do. I set up the kids' tables in our breakfast room. Don't be afraid to move around your furniture. My breakfast table found a new temporary home in our office for the day.

I covered the table with plastic table clothes I found at the Dollar Store. Also, I made a simple banner and hung some paper lanterns that I bought at Hobbly Lobby on either end. Each little pirate had a treasure chest to decorate. I set out crayons, markers, and foam stickers to make the chests pirate worthy.

I also had an activity placemat that I designed in photoshop. They had to make their own pirate map and complete a maze. There was a pirate joke on there, too--my best one. What is a pirate's favorite letter? Arrrrrr!

For the kids who finished fast, I had a pirate tent set up with some of my son's pirate books. We like books. I will find any excuse to buy or borrow new books, and a party is no exception. This pic was taken after the little pirates had some fun with the tent, so its leaning. Ah well.

I'll share more tomorrow! Ellie Bean needs me!


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