Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Shower

The women in our playgroup threw me an amazing baby shower Friday morning. I am really going to miss this them all the time when we move and I know that Nathan will too. It amazes me how much little N has changed with the group over the past few months. It makes me tear up just thinking about moving him away. He is actually interacting and playing with the other kids. He says their names and even enjoys playing with the new babies of the group. We'll come back and visit a lot, but it won't be the same. They really are an amazing group of friends.

In other news, my parents and Rach came over yesterday to get our house packed up and ready. If all goes according to plan, we should have our house on the market in the next two weeks. We shall see. Garett and I still have a lot of decluttering to do and have to move some stuff into storage. Since G doesn't get home until really late every night, we don't have much time to do it during the week. I am ready to move to Lufkin so that we can spend more time with G, but I also don't want to leave Kingwood and our friends.


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