Friday, August 29, 2008

My baby turned 2 today

I am thrilled with the way my son has grown into such a great little boy, but I can't help but feel sad that these past two years have literally flown by. I know it sounds cliche, but it feels like just yesterday I was holding my brand new little baby. I remember all those nights of sleeping sitting up with him in my arms because the minute I put him down, he woke up. I remember just watching him sleep and being in awe that he was actually here and acutally ours. I still like to watch him sleep and I am still in awe that he is here.

For the past year, everyone has told me that he is no longer a baby and I told them that when he turned two he could pass over into toddlerhood. Well, he is two, but he will ALWAYS be my baby. Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. Mommy loves you more than you could ever know.

We had a train party during playgroup this morning. He LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine, so we based it around that. We rented a train that took the kids around the neighborhood. N wasn't too sure of it at first (and even cried), but he had a blast once it got going. Then, we all came inside and the kids painted wooden trains. It wasn't as messy as I thought it was going to be! ;)

I think that Nathan's favorite part was his "Happy Cake". He couldn't wait to dig into it, and I even caught him sneaking little finger fulls of the icing. He loved it when everyone started singing happy birthday to him and sat there with a huge smile on his face. He even did a great job of blowing out his candles at the perfect moment.

It really was a great birthday, except that now my little one is in bed with a fever. I guess there was too much excitement today!


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