Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Snake Charmer

Probably one of the things that I dislike in this world the most are snakes. They just make my skin crawl, but N loves them. So, when Clint the Snake Guy came to our local library, I knew I had to take the kids and put my fear of snakes aside. All these pics are from my iphone because I forgot to bring my camera! Can't believe it! There are no pics of Emma because she fell asleep in my arms two snakes in. That's what happens when she skips naptime!

Clint the Snake Guy brought a bunch of snakes and let the kids hold them all, which I thought was neat, although I wasn't about to jump in on the action. Nathan loved it though, and didn't hesitate to hold any of them--not even the big boa contrictor at the end. That thing was 25 pounds!


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