Monday, June 27, 2011

My Three

Even though it'll be two weeks tomorrow, I still can't believe that I am a mom to three beautiful, very special kids.

Nathan is my little sweetheart. He is such a big helper and really aims to please. It breaks his heart if you are not happy with him and he really tries to always have a smile on his face. He loves to write little notes to us and draw the most beautiful pictures. Our fridge is proudly plastered with his artwork. He adores both of his sisters, but has told us that we are not allowed to have any more kids. ;) I love this little boy with all of my heart.

Emma, oh Emma. Emma is my spunky little firecracker. She does not take no for an answer and I really don't even know why she asks permission to do things anymore. She already has her mind made up and if our answer is different than the one she wants to hear, she just does her own thing. I love that she is sure of herself. I will never have to worry about her being walked all over by anyone. She is also a total sweetheart and super, super smart. She gets her feelings hurt very easily. I love this little girl with all of my heart.

Ellie is going to be my quiet one, I think. Right now, she loves to sleep and just look at everyone nd everything. Its like she is actually studying her surroundings. She adores Nathan and Emma and I have a feeling will be following them everywhere they go in just a few short months. I love this little girl with all my heart.


Kelly said...

You should be one happy Momma, your kids are beautiful. Congratulations, your doing a great job!

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