Monday, February 6, 2012

7 Months!

Baby girl is 7 months old already! Ellie is such a happy baby. She gives the biggest, gummiest, dimplest smiles in the world--as long as she is in my arms. I think I have said that every month, but it really is true.

Boy oh boy does she want to be in on the action though! She watches Nathan and Emma like a hawk, turning her head quickly if she loses sight of them. She's soaking it all in, and I keep telling them that when sshe is mobile they had better watch out!

She's a great eater and I think has tried every flavor of baby food now. It is so funny though because she grabs the spoon with every bite, eats the food off, then lets go whrn it is empty and waits patiently for the next spoonful. Emma and Nathan used to grab the spoon, but then never let go!

She can sit up now without toppling over and is beginning to scoot a bit to reach for things. I think crawling may be in the near future!

Love you to the moon and back baby girl!



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