Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas Program

The kids had their annual Christmas program that their little pre k puts on back in December. These are always so much fun to go to because the kids up on stage are just so darn cute! There are always a couple of hams that steal the show.

Of course, I think, my two were the best ones up there!

Emma's class sung Jingle Bells and Jesus Loves Me. Emma was seriously the only one who sang all the words. She is my little perfectionist! Love her to pieces. She wanted her hair fixed like Princess Lea. I sort of told a fib and told her it looked just like Lea's. She went straight to her teacher and asked her how she liked her Princess Lea hair.

Nathan's class did a Bible verse and then sang Baby Jesus is Born, a pretty rock and rollish song. It was hilarious! Loved it!

I didn't take any pictures during the program because I sort of had my hands full with a babe, but here are ones pre program. Don't they look beautiful?!



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