Sunday, March 25, 2012

8 Months Old

Please just go ahead and pretend like I posted this a month ago. I'm late, as usual with going through my pictures and posting. Three kids keep me pretty busy!

So, my baby is 8 months old. That year mark keeps getting closer and closer and my heart breaks a bit more. I love seeing how my babies grow up, but how how I wish I could just bottle them up as babies.

This month has been a hard one. We found out Ellie has Infantile Esotropia, which I keep telling myself is not the end of the world. You just hate to hear that something is "wrong" with your baby. She is wearing a patch for an hour a day and the dr wants her in glasses all day--which I might add is pretty difficult with a 8 month old. She does look very cute in them, though, and we bought Emma's favorite color--pink! We will go back in May to decide on surgery. :(

Ellie is seriously such a happy baby. She still doesn't let anyone else hold her AT ALL. People think I am exagerating when I say that, but I swear I'm not! Garett can't even hold her, not for a second. I am trying to soak it all up because I know that there will be one day that she won't want me to hold her, hopefully that won't be for many, many years, though!

She is a pro at sitting up and and at army crawling. She hasn't quite mastered the up on all 4's thing yet, but she can army crawl anywhere she wants and very fast! It is cute to watch. With mobility comes to other very frustrated kiddos. She can now get into all of their toys and boy does she!

We started her on Puffs, Yogurt bites, and Crunchies this month. She thinks they are delicious! She's great at her little pincher grasp and always wants to have something in her fingers during meal time. The girl loves her Crunchies!

The weather has been beautiful and so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Ellie LOVES being outside. We spend hours outside every evening and she eats it up. Our neighbor has a little boy that is two months younger that Ellie and they just chill on a blanket watching their brothers and sisters. She also loves to swing. At first she was pretty unsure, but then she realized how fun it is and hates to get out.

And in true Ellie Bean fashion, she let's me know loud and clear when she is done!

To the moon and back, baby...



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