Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nathan's Hair

I cried yesterday and it was NOT due to pregnancy hormones. It was due to a woman who apparently did not speak English very well.

Garett was off yesterday, so we drove all the way to The Woodlands Mall because they have this really cute children's salon there. I had taken N there once before and they did a beautiful job with his hair--trimmed it, but kept his little curls. So, we get there and are assigned a different lady. I told her that I wanted a little boy cut, BUT that I did not want to get rid of his curls.

My baby doesn't have anymore curls. I had to tell her twice that she could not use the clippers on him! HELLLLOOOOO! I said I wanted to KEEP the curls. So, yes, I cried right there in the salon.

It isn't that his hair looks bad, but I loved those curls. Okay, tearing up again. Here are some shots of his new do.

In other news, I had my doctor's appointment today and it was pretty uneventful. We did talk about an induction, but that won't be until I am 39 weeks--so two more weeks. I know I have
said this a million times, but man this pregnancy has flown by! I think we have everything ready except for a name! We need a name!!!!


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