Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Emma rolled over twice in a row today! She has rolled over a couple times before, but I think that today's rolls were intentional. Go Emma!

2. We had an Open House on Sunday and 15 groups of people came to it. Good right? Well you'd think so, but we still haven't received an offer. Grrr. Know anyone who wants a house? I think one of the major things that is hurting us is that there are so many other houses on our street for sale. It's crazy!

3. Nathan is sick. It is heartbreaking to see your little one in such misery. Hopefully he will get better soon.

4. I'm seriously thinking of taking up photography again. I need a hobby and I actually enjoy taking pictures, especially of newborns. So, if you know any newborns, send them my way!

5. Have I mentioned how fun it is to dress a little girl? I'm having a blast! I ordered some of these already for her hair and cannot wait to get more! She just looks so darn cute all dressed up!

6. Do you think it is crazy for use to want to buy a fixer upper when we move? We found this great house (over 3400 sq ft.) with a huge yard (over an acre), but it was owned by an older woman. So, that means that there is wallpaper EVERYWHERE! Plus, every single room needs an update. But, Garett and I both think that it would look so beautiful all fixed up. We just keep going back to this house.

7. Nathan came up to me today while I was changing Emma and asked me if I had a present for him. I told him, "Sorry, baby, I don't." He insisted that I did, left the room and closed the door behind him. I then hear the door under the stairs being opened up, some noise, and the pitter patter of his little feet, followed by a dragging noise behind him. That little boy had found a present that I had bought and hidden under the stairs. It was a pirate costume set. I had planned on filling a suitcase full of dress up clothes for him to play with and giving it to him for his birthday. Anyway, needless to say we had to open it right away. Ah, well! He made such a cute little pirate.

8. I can't believe that we have a new president, and one that I didn't vote for. That is all I am going to say on that matter.

9. Garett won his first case in court last week! I am super proud of him!

10. I tried doing V Day pictures of Nathan this morning while Emma was sleeping. Poor kid enjoyed his sucker, but you can totally tell that he is sick. I just want to kiss him!


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