Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're in!!!

I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that we are officially in our new house as of last Thursday! Everything under the sun went wrong (including us in a car accident that shut down 59--but we're ok), but that is all past us now.

I can't find the cord to my computer, so no pictures in this post. As soon as it is found, I'll post pictures galore!

Nathan is adjusting well with the new house, except for the cat that we inhereted. He is scared to death of it. In fact, he woke up 2 or 3 times last night crying about that darn cat. Hopefully once we get the dogs here, that problem will be taken care of!

Oh, and the good news! I went to change the address on my driver's license and guess how long I had to wait at the DPS office? Not a second! I walked right up to my desk and got it changed. Now, that would never happen in Houston!

More good news, you ask? My husband actually ate dinner with us last night! Can you believe it? We all 4 were at the dinner table and ate TOGETHER! It is so good to have him back!

Bit of bad news? I miss Kingwood, but I will get use to Lufkin.


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