Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Emma is 9 months old today!

Well, there are no pictures today. I lent Jason one of my cameras and the cord that transfers the pictures to the computer for his trip to Alaska. So, I won't have that back until Sunday. We took Ems' pictures today, though! Cute!

Wow! What a month for my little Morning Glory! It has been full of firsts. Two weeks ago, while we were in Galveston, Emma crawled for the first time on the bed. She has taken off since and can crawl pretty much anywhere she wants, and fast! She sets her sites on something and she will not give up until she has it. I think the most wanted thing by her are Nathan's Crocs. Yuck!

That same week, she began to be able to sit up all by herself! She rolls over on her belly and then pushes herself up. It is so cute to watch, but sooooo hard to change a diaper now. I cannot keep her laying down for very long at all!

She is also cruising around on things and can stand up with just one hand holding onto something. She thinks she is pretty hot stuff, and I think so too! Of course, now our coffee table has to be cleared off of everything. Nathan often leaves his snack or drink on it and she has been known to get into those.

I am still breastfeeding her, but she is now a babyfood champ! She loves sweet potatoes and applesauce the best. I started giving her Puffs and Crunchies this month, too. She LOVES them. It is so fun to watch her try to feed herself. Most of it gets lots in her little hand.

She had her 9 month checkup yesterday. She weighed 17 pounds, 13.5 ounces and is 29 and 1/4 inches long. That puts her in the 25th-50th % in weight and off the charts in height. So, may baby girl is growing great! Emma is wearing 6-9 month clothes right now, but can also fit into the 9-12 month clothes as well.

I think the most exciting thing is that she said MaMa! She says mama when she is crying and really wants me. She really only likes for me to hold her right now and that is just fine with me! She has also said dada and loves to just say dadadadadadada over and over. Now we are working on buba for Nathan!

My little Emma, I love you so much. You fit right into our family and I cannot even imagine life without you. You are my little pumpkin, my Morning Glory, my baby girl and I love you with all my heart.


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