Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bring out the bubble wrap

I am probably the most over protective mother you will ever find. I didn't leave Nathan with anyone until after he was a year old--not even once. I am super careful with everything he does. I sanatize his hands constantly. He knows what germs are and now asks to wash his hands after we leave every playground, inside and out.

None of that over protectiveness saved us from what happened on Saturday. My poor baby boy fell off of the swing at the playground. He flew straight in the air at the highest point and then fell right on the ground. He screamed and cried. I thought he was fine afterwards, though because he stopped crying and things went back to normal. Sunday he didn't complain at all. Monday, it was a different story. He slipped and fell and landed on his arm again. Again, he cried and cried and just layed in my lap for a long time. After a while, daddy came home and Nathan ran to give him a highfive. It hurt my poor baby and he cried again. I knew right then that something was wrong.

I took him to the doctor today and they sent us to an orthopedic specialist. His little arm is broken. My baby has a broken arm. I feel like the most horrible parent ever.

The doctor asked him what color cast he wanted. He promptly answered pink. I told him that he needed to pick another color because daddy wouldn't be too thrilled with a pink cast. He chose manly blue. I love that little man.


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