Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Miss us?

I haven't blogged in almost a full month! Things have just been so hectic around here. I think the most major thing is that my friend Lisa and I decided to open up a photography business together. We have been swamped taking Christmas pictures and I am finally coming up for air to breathe! It has been fun, though. I have two more sessions this weekend and then I am done until after Christmas! We're only taking pictures on the weekends, though, since she works and I am with the kids during the week.

Anyway, I am sure that people have missed pics of the kids. They have gotten so big so fast! We have been battling some sort of virus this week and last. Luckily, the kids are almost better, now it has moved on to Garett and me. Ugh!

Our house is looking good! The outside is done except for the brick and I am hoping that they sheetrock it this week. I really need to take a pic of it!


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