Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ellie is Two Months Old!

My little Ellie Bean is two months old on Sunday and she has definitely found her place in our family of five. And after her, I KNOW our family is complete--I can't go through another newborn!

She is such a sweet baby and really doesn't cry much, that is, until you put her down. She does not like to be put down at all. She would rather spend her day being held, kissed, cuddled, and nursed. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but it makes getting things done around the house virtually impossible. So, if you come over and my house is a mess and I haven't showered, you know why!

A huge plus, though, is that Ellie sleeps wonderfully at night. I usually have to wake her to nurse and then we both fall right back to sleep. I am so very thankful for that!

My favorite time of the day is the mornings. Ellie and I wake up before the other kids and we lay in bed. She just smiles and coos at me. Then Nathan and Emma wake up and join us in our smile fest, usually fighting over who gets to lay on the side she is facing. She has nothing but smiles for us in the morning, though!

And as a fun comparison, here is Emma at two months!

This is Ellie's very first picture, taken minutes after birth...

and exactly two months later...



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