Monday, December 29, 2008

Emma is Two Months Old Today!

My little girl turned two months old today and she couldn't be any cuter!

This month Emma learned to smile at us--and not just a little, fleeting smile, but full on smiles that don't end. Nathan gets the majority of them, which I love. She ADORES her big brother!
She also took her first out of state trip. On the 26th we all loaded up and started the 6 hour drive to New Orleans to visit Mimi. Mimi loved showing off her two great grandchildren and they were both super well behaved, even though N was/is sick.
Happy two month birthday, baby girl!


Mabe Babe Blog said...

She looks more like you!!! Awwww!! How sweet! I have to get my Kaden some monthsies made! Are her eyes brown or blue? They look blue sometimes and brown others!

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