Friday, December 5, 2008

Its amazing what a Hersey Kiss will get me!

I had to bribe him with his favorite thing in the world, chocolate, but I love this picture! My little baby looks so much like a big boy now! Don't you love his Christmas tie shirt? Found it on Esty--my new addiction!

I am loving his new haircut, too. He was such a little trooper at the salon! He didn't cry once, but he was quite disapointed. We went to a new place since our old place cut off his curls and that is unforgivable. Anyway, our old place used to blow bubbles while they cut his hair. So, he kept asking me and the lady where the bubbles are. When we told him that they didn't have bubbles, he says,"sucker?" which of course they had. So, he kept saying, "No bubbles, just suckers." the whole time. She told him that next time he comes back she will have bubbles. I love this kid!


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