Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 on Tuesday--Moving and the New House Edition

1. Moving is so not fun. My house is a mess, things strewn everywhere and boxes in every corner.

2. Nathan thinks that the boxes are his new toys. Currently his favorite game is to put on his super hero cape, turn on the Superman song, cover Garett or me in boxes and have us yell for help. He runs around the house and then comes to our rescue, throwing the boxes off of us. We do this several times everyday. It is pretty fun!

3. I LOVE the kitchen in our new house. This is a picture of it that is online with the current owner's things. I just picture Nathan and Emma sitting on top of that island making cookies with me. I have always wanted a huge island--doesn't hurt that it is a beautiful granite!

4. I have always dreamt of a brick fireplace and cannot wait until our first Christmas in the new house to hang the stockings by it! It is woodburning, which is another plus. The only negative thing about this living room is that G has no idea where to hang the flatscreen his parents gave us for Christmas. The thing is pretty big. I think he secretly wanted to buy a house AROUND the TV. Umm, that wasn't happening!

5. One of the things that we HAD to have in the new house was a room for the kids' toys. We use our formal living room for the toys right now, but couldn't seem to find a house that had one! This house, however, has a sunroom off of the living room that is perfect! So, here is the new playroom! We'll have to get a rug for it, though. The flooring is scored concrete, which is pretty neat. There is scored concrete in the dining room, the kitchen, the breakfast room, and the sunroom. The rest of the house is wood and carpet.

6. I have been trying to come up with ideas for the kids' new rooms. I adore Nathan's current room and we spent days putting it together. I haven't even started packing his room up because it is seriously going to break my heart. I am going to cry like a baby.

We have been trying to prepare Nathan for the big move, telling him that he is going to get a new big boy room and that Ems will get her own room, too. He tells me that he wants a red spiderman bed and that Emma wants a pink one-- a pink spiderman bed, every little girl's dream!

I do think that we are going to give N a super hero room, but not super hero over kill. I want to be able to change the room easily if he outgrows them. I think we'll just do superhero accents.

7. Ahhh, Emma's room! I have been looking forward to giving her a proper nursery since before she was born. I wasn't able to fix one up for her because we new that we were going to be selling this house. But, now, I can go crazy doing it! I already have a ton of ideas, but I want them to be a surprise to everyone. So, when I am done, you can be sure that I will be posting lots of pictures. Think pink!

8. Here is a picture of the backyard. I love the trees, but there is no fence! We are going to have to put up a temporary fence for the dogs until we can afford to fence the whole thing. The lot is just a bit under an acre, so its pretty big which means pretty expensive to fence.

9. The neighborhood pool and "park" is just a few houses down, so I am sure that we are going to frequent that quite a bit. What is weird is that NONE of the neighborhoods in Lufkin have parks. I just find that so strange since EVERY neighborhood in Kingwood has a nice, big one. It is just what we are used to. Anyway, the neighborhood that we are moving into is pretty small and they have their own "park". It is really just a Rainbow Play System, but it will do. I'm sure we'll get plenty of use our of it!

10. Ems is crying now, so I have got to go! Everyone will be getting "We have moved" cards once we get settled in. Less than two weeks now!


Mabe Babe Blog said...

Oh Sarah! I am SO happy ya'll were able to find a GREAT place! I'm so happy for ya'll! Remember when your sad about leaving Kingwood that your gaining time with G as a family! YEAH!
I am SO SORRY I have not called, I'm just so tired and have no time to even BLOG!!!

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