Monday, September 14, 2009

Emma is 10 months old!--the late edition

My poor blog has been neglected lately. So much has been going on, and I will fill you in on everything later. This post is dedicated to my little 10 month old Morning Glory.

Before I start her 10 month post, I never posted her 9 month pictures! So, here it is! THis is our last Lufkin picture, too!

It just seems like every single day my baby's personality is getting bigger and bigger. She is such a stubborn little girl that it makes me laugh and wonder what it is going to be like when she is 16. We are going to have our hands full, there is no doubt about that!

This month, Emma, you learned how to clap. You adore it when everyone claps for you. If, for some reason, we miss something that you think deems a round of applause, you promptly look around at all of us with the biggest grin on your face and just clap your little heart out until we all join in. I LOVE it!

Speaking of little grin, you have the sweetest one ever! You wrinkle up your little nose and just put everything you have into that smile. Your first two teeth came in this week, so it is no longer a toothless grin, but it is still just as cute.

You are cruising like crazy around everything and will be walking really soon. You are a total handful, but I love chasing and following you around. You go right where you know you are not supposed to go, then turn to me and smile, then continue on to the forbidden thing. I don't know how many times I have pulled you from the stairs!

You learned how to play peek a boo this month and love putting anything you can grab in front of your face to play. You squeeze your little eyes shut as hard as you can and then open them and peek around whatever you have in front of you.

You and Nathan are starting to whole sibling rivalry thing already. For some reason, you only want to play with his things and he is having a hard time sharing his "special" toys. The other day, you were playing with one of his toys and he grabbed it for you. Before anyone could make him give it back to you, you crawled after him with some sort of battle cry and tackled him down to the ground! You grabbed that toy back and crawled away. I think that Nathan was the most surprised out of all of us!

I love you, my spunky little girl! You and N are the best things that have ever happened to us and I couldn't be more thankful that you are a part of our family!


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