Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Emma is 11 months old!

My little Morning Glory is 11 months old and once again, I cannot believe it! Where on earth did 11 months go??!!!

She has been so busy this month! The major new thing she is doing is WALKING! She is all over the place! I really wasn't expecting an early walker, but I guess she had good motivation. She wants nothing more than to do whatever her big brother is doing and the fact that he can get around faster than her was really bugging her. It is so, so cute to watch her try to chase him or try to run from him when she secretly snuck one of his toys. And yes, she does run. Anyway, I love her little toddle.

We still only have two teeth, but she thinks that she can eat anything. She wants nothing to do with babyfood anymore, unless it is crunchies! One of her favorite things to eat is chicken and boy does she gobble that up!

She is saying mama and dada right now, but I swear that she said Rachel the other day, too. She does hold little conversations, you just can't tell what she is saying yet! She is great at pointing to let us know what she wants.

I love you baby girl! One more month until you turn 1 year old!


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