Monday, September 14, 2009

We sold our house and are now building a house in Katy!

Well technically we sold it a while ago. We closed at the end of August, but everything happened so fast. From the day that we accepted the offer, to the day that we closed and had to be out of the house, we had 11 days--talk about a whirlwind!

We moved in with my parents while we tried to decide where to buy and what to do. After looking in Cinco Ranch for a while, we decided that we liked it there, but that we didn't like any of the used houses that were for sale. So, we decided to build. I am in love with the house that we have chosen and can't wait to actually live in it! We just signed all the papers on Friday and we have already driven by our lot at least 3 or 4 times. We even met some of our neighbors!
We were able to pick our our brick and trim color on Saturday and go to the design center within the next 14 days to pick out the rest of our things. We are over the moon excited!


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