Monday, June 29, 2009

8 months old

My Precious, Happy Baby,

Before you were born, I used to wonder how I could ever love someone like I love Nathan. I panicked over the fact that you would always feel second and I worried that Nathan would resent you and me for the attention that I gave you. My fears couldn't have been more wrong. I learned from the second I saw you, from the moment that I held you that I loved you with all my heart. It truly is possible to love each and every child with every ounce of your being. I also learned that very day that Nathan loved and adored his baby sissy just as much as daddy and me.

It has been a very fast 8 months. All day long, I couldn't help but think back to the day that you were born. You were so tiny, so perfect little girl. And here you are today, smiling at me with your big toothless grin, reaching for me, talking to me. Ah, Emma Grace, I love you so much.

This month your big personality has really shown through and boy do you love your mama. You will let other people hold you for a bit, but you always look for me and reach out to me. If I don't grab you right then, the tears start and of course I come running. The funniest part is the minute I take you, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS give the person who is holding you the "look back". You whip your little head towards them as if saying, "See, this is who I wanted all along." I secretly really love it!

You have also started to really enjoy playing with little N's toys. He is pretty much ok with sharing most of his toys with you, but he is not ok with sharing his superheros with you at all. He has gotten a bit upset with you several times this month because you are pretty persistent about trying to reach for what you want, even after he gently bats your hands away many times.

We started you on babyfood at 6 months, but you didn't really take to it. This month you have sort of started eating it, but you would much rather have our food. You drool over Chick Fil A and Nilla wafers. We started you on Puffs and you love those. We let you have little tastes of our food sometimes, but you don't have any teeth yet. I actually thought that you were going to crawl over my legs to my Subway sandwich today. Again, you are very persistant.

You stood up twice this past week, which I was very proud of. It was a complete stand, but close enough for a clap, hugs and kisses. You were sitting next to me on the floor playing and I was sitting with my legs folded under me. You turned your little body around and pushed your legs straight into a standing position, but kept your hands on my legs. I really think that you are going to be on the go soon, baby girl! I cannot wait to chase after you!

We started swinging you at the park and you LOVE it, just like your big bubba does. You let the breeze blow through your little mohawk and just smile. It is super sweet. We have to carry our own swing to the neighborhood park, though, because it doesn't have a baby swing for you.

I love you so much, baby girl. You are one sweet, and very happy baby. You truly have blessed our family and have fit in perfectly. You are our little Princess.


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