Monday, June 29, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. We are leaving for Galveston tomorrow morning! I can't wait to just get away from all the stress of trying to sell our house. We're going with my parents and sister through the 4th. We are really looking forward to it and have a lot planned. Rach actually made up a gameplan for us on what we are going to be doing each day. It should be lots of fun.

2. Ugh,I could strangle the people who came to look at our house yesterday. I have been sick since Friday night. My fever got up to 103.4 on Saturday and I have just felt miserable. Since N was sick on Thursday, my house has been neglected. So, we get a call saying that these people want to see our house in the next hour. I explain that we have been sick and I needed a bit more time to get it show ready. They say that they don't want to catch what we have and that they would just drive by to see if they even want to come in. Ten minutes later, we get a call saying yes, they want to see it. So, while running a 101 fever, Garett and I bust our boohinds to get the house clean. They came, they went. Well, come to find out, the LOVED the house, LOVED the neighborhood, but were really looking for something no more than 2000 sq ft since they are a retired couple.

WHAT???!!!! They KNEW it was bigger than that! Just driving through the neighborhood and looking at it you can tell it is bigger, not to mention the MLS PAPER SAYS SO! I swear, if they were in front of me when my realtor said that, my sick self would have strangled them.

3. Garett had an interview with a firm on Thursday. If you are the praying type, please pray that they hire him.

4. Thanks Aunt Anne for the cute outfit! She finally fits into it!

5. Will it please rain??? It teased us today, but literally rained for like 2 minutes, if that. I wouldn't even call that sprinkle rain.

6. Nathan is so cute. He looks at his daddy and says and does "Hook 'em, Horns." Then, he will turn to me and say and do "Gig 'Em Aggies , Mommy," with such pity in his eyes. He doesn't want to leave me out, but you can totally tell which one he prefers. I have lost him to the dark side. Ah, well.

7. My dad and the kids. I love N's look in this picture. I have no idea what he is doing, but he is pretty serious about it. He's wearing his light up Hulk towel. Have I mentioned that he loves superheroes???

8. I have forgetten how good Nilla Wafer are. Yummy. Same goes for Cherry Limeades. We have been getting Cherry Limeades every day after 'nastics. Nathan love the cherries and steals mine everytime!

9. Jon and Kate Plus 8 made me cry last week. Ugh, I just feel so bad for Kate and the kids. Jon is such a tool and needs to et over this little mid life crisis that he is going through. I mean come on--the hair plugs and the earrings look a little ridiculous.

10. I need help with our wood floors. I just can't seem to get them gleamingly clean. How do you clean yours? I hae tried Orange Glo, Method Wood Floor Cleaner, just plain water, the Swiffer. Help!


Mabe Babe Blog said...

Type Shmop into google and you'll get a picture of a rectangular wood floor mop called a smop. It has washable terry cloth covers. This is the absolutote best thing I have ever found, but believe me it's hard, HARD work! You have to press down as hard as you can with everything you have, but it really does work. I use 1/2 white vinegar to 1/2 water in a spray bottle, spray a small area and scrub. Don't use orange glo on your floors! This is how all those RICH people in C.S. had me clean their floors, and believe me it's work! But, it sure makes them PRETTY! Good lucK!

Mabe Babe Blog said...

You can buy a shmop at a home supply store or some Walmarts/targets have them.

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