Friday, June 12, 2009

Some news

Almost everyday N gets on his little Hulk bigwheels and E gets in her red car and we head on down to the neighborhood park. Nathan loves it. I love it. Emma loves it. Even in the 95 degree heat. N loves to dig in the rocks

and E is content just watching him.

And now for the news... We are getting the heck out of dodge. It turns out that the lawyer Garett came here to work for is the biggest flake and a hole in the world. He has decided that after Garett commuted here for 7 months and we picked up our lives in Kingwood to move here, that he is closing down his practice and retiring. I hear a lot of jaws hitting the ground, right? Yes, so after we bought a house here, we now have it back on the market. We have decided that Lufkin just isn't where we want to stay and raise our kids. It is too far from our families and too far from Houston. So, as soon as we can sell this place, we are outa here. We haven't quite decided where in Houston we are going to move to, but the move is a for sure thing,

Anyway, that is our big news!


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