Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top 10 on Tuesday

I thought I'd start off this Top 10 on Tuesday series with Nathan's top ten cutest things that he says. He is really talking up a storm and is picking up everything we say. I love it, but we have to be VERY, VERY careful. He has already said a bad word, but luckily he doesn't say it over and over--just once.

1. Ohhhh byyyy gosh.....I fell down one day and said, "Oh, my gosh." N heard me say it and has been saying it ever since. We think it is so cute when he says it that we laugh and clap, as does he. So, now he expects a round of applause every time he says it!

2. More peas..... Which translates into "More please." This is usually said with coke and cake. Sometimes he says this before he has even swallowed what he has in his mouth. He just wants to make sure there is more waiting for him!

3. Anks Mom..... And to follow with the Mr. Polite theme, this means "Thanks mom." He says this EVERY SINGLE TIME we give him something. I can't believe that a 22 month old is so polite and we didn't even purposely teach him that. He just picked it up by listening to us. I swear, my child is a genius.

4. One-a, two-a, tree..... One, two, three. He loves to do this. He can count up to 10, but loves to preface anything he does with "one-a, two-a, tree!" He says the one and two very slowly and then shoots out the three. He is into jumping now (though doesn't get any air) and counts everytime while looking at us. Also, in the car, he'll say this and then we all have to act crazy. If we don't, we get in trouble! He is just now trying to add the fingers in with the counting, but can only do one and two. Three is a little tricky.

5. Meenk, daddy.....which means "Music, Daddy." The kids loves music and loves to dance. We havea Kindermusik CD in teh car and he is OBSESSED with Yankee Doodle Dandy. We have to listen to that song over and over and over again. Since we were going to Lousiana last weekend, Garett and I decided that we needed to buy a new CD. There was no way we could listen to Yankee Doodle for four hours. So, we bought a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD. While it was loads better than Yankee Doodle, it was still 4 hours of Hot Dog House.

6. Mommy's Twurn..... Mommy's (or Daddy's or NayNay's) turn. We get this a lot, but it is usually when little munchkin is tired of doing something or doesn't want to do it. Just this afternoon, I changed a poopy diaper and asked N to throw it in the trash--which he loves to do. He tells me, "No, no. Mommy's twurn."

7. Night Mommy...in the sweetest whisper. We co sleep and he says this to me everynight right before he falls asleep. It really melts my heart and makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little boy.

8. Kincy and Ellleee...Quincy and Elli, which are our two dogs. I love the way that he says their names. In fact, they were two of his first words. He adores those two and they tolerate him. His favorite thing to do right now is hang upside down and let the dogs come up and try to give him kisses. He thinks that this is the funniest thing in the world.

9. Momas.....Which means Thomas. Garett bought him a train table a few weeks ago and he plays with that thing all the time. He knows Thomas, Molly, and Duck all by name. He loves the TV show, too, but that is a daddy thing. I cannot stand that show. I'm more of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Zaboomafoo type of girl.

10. NosNos.....Rhinoceros. We have this huge blow up Rhino on a street by our house. We were driving by it one day and N yells, "NosNos, BIG NosNos." It took me a bit to figure out what a nosnos was, but I did! I just love the way he says it. Now, we go on NosNos hunts everytime we get in the car. "More nosnos, mommy."


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