Friday, June 13, 2008

Playgroup Friday!

Today is the day of the week that Nathan looks forward to (okay, maybe more so me)--Playgroup Friday and it was at our house today! The kids all had a lot of fun, although N wasn't too keen about letting other kids play with his new train table. He is VERY possessive of that thing! Sometimes Garett and I aren't even allowed to touch it. We can only sit and watch him play. I think this kills Garett because he loves that table as much as little N.

The baby has been kicking like crazy lately. I had forgotten what it was like to feel like inside of you. It such a great feeling and I don't think that words could ever describe it. Only 11 more days until we find out what this baby is! I am so counting down the days!

This picture is a week or two old, but I have to share them. N had so much fun playing in his pool. It was big enough for Mommy and Daddy to get into it, too!


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