Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Today is a special 10 on Tuesday because today was the day we found out the sex of the baby! We are having a little girl! We couldn't be more thrilled that N is having a little sister!

So, here are the tope 10 things I cannot wait to buy for our little girl!!! I found all these of course during my two years of shopping for Nathan.

1. Baby Legs I wanted to get these so bad for N, but Garett absolutly refused. He said that they were way too girly. They have boy ones, though! Anyway, my little girl will have several pairs! I think they will look so cute under dresses. Plus, since she will be born in November, they will keep her little legs warm during the winter!

2. Knit Flower Hat I think these hats are PRECIOUS! I can just imagine all the great photo ops in these little hats. Nathan only went through a very short hat phase. Hopefully, this little one will love hats!

3. A Play Kitchen Again, I wanted this for Nathan, but again Garett refused. I really don't think that kitchens are just for girls, but oh well. I will be getting a kitchen!

4. Felt Food And to go along with the kitchen, fake food! I had a friend who had these for her daughter and I thought they were so cute! Have a I mentioned how much I love Etsy???

5. Pink dresses!!! OMG, shopping for Nathan was so much fun, but I always noticed how the girl racks greatly outnumbered the boy racks. It just wasn't fair! Now I get to venture onto the girl side! Rach and I went and looked this weekend, before we even knew it was a girl, and fell in love with so many dresses.

6. Hair Clippies I saw these a long time ago and thought they were precious. There is one for every outfit! Don't worry, though. I don't have any grand dreams of them actually staying in her hair too long!

7. Grocery Cart I used to love mine as a kid and can't wait to see my little pigtailed girl driving her's around the house. She can put some of her felt food in it!

8. MaryJane Socks I actually found these while shopping for Nathan. They have some that are tennis shoes for boys. I really wanted them, but just never got around to getting them. On Tuesday, after the u/s, N and I went to Target and I bought some knock offs (but still just as cute)--My first baby purchase!!!


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