Friday, June 27, 2008

My Sweet Little Boy

I love bedtime. Mostly because N is so sweet and cuddly during that time. It is a sure thing that you are going to get a bunch of kisses and hugs.

Our routine is for Garett to spend some "Daddy and Me" time with N by giving him his bath. I hear them talking about all sorts of things in there! It is so cute! Then, Garett gets him out of the bath, dries him off and puts him in whatever night shirt I have layed out. Last night it was his Hulk "Boom, Crash" shirt. Nathan loves saying "boom, crash" right now. Then its time for "teeeeth". We all snuggle in bed and read three or four books. This week, N's favorite book is his Clovis book.

Here is my precious little boy reading his Thomas book last night right after his bath.


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