Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My little non sleeper

Okay, so I might have jinxed myself by saying that I had a sleeper earlier. She is NOT a sleeper. In fact, she just went down for the first time today about an hour ago--at about 2:45! She is fine as long as she is sleeping in my arms, but the minute I lay her down, those little eyes pop right open and she begins to cry again. Oh well. I love holding her, so its not that bad!

She is a great little nurser, too. I am so happy that htings are going smoothly in that department. I think that I have really lucked out since it was so easy with Nathan, too. The hardest part is that she just wants to nurse all the time, which makes going out a little more difficult. My friend, Lisa, came over this weekend with her newborn and almost 3 year old and she had the coolest nursing cover. So, I ordered one of those last night. Hopefully that will get Nathan, Emma and me out of the house a bit more often.

Two of our friends and their kids came over yesterday, which was SO nice. We have been cooped up in the house the past few weeks, trying to adjust to life with two kids. So, it was great having visitors! I am really going to miss everyone here when we do move--if we ever sell our house. That is a whole other blog post. Grrr.

Just a couple of pictures to share of my two favorite kiddos in the whole world!


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