Friday, November 28, 2008

Things I am Thankful For

Yesterday, as I sat in a bedroom in Garett's parents' lakehouse nursing Emma, I began to think just how lucky I am. Sometimes it is easy to forget when I am having a rough day or am down about something. But, I truly believe that I am one of the luckiest people around.

I am thankful for my two beautiful, healthy children. They truly are my little miracles. As I held Emma's little hand, I realized just how blessed I am to have her big brown eyes gaze up at me. As Nathan beamed about his first fish that he caught, I couldn't help but tear up a bit about my life. I love it and I love my babies. There are so many people out there who are desperately want children and cannot have them, and here I am with two. There are so many people out there who had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital, watching over their sick baby, and here I am with two healthy ones. There are so many people out there who are having to pray for the safety of their children over in Iraq, and here I am holding my two little ones. I truly am blessed.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband. We have our moments where we want to strangle each other--had a few over the holidays--but I love him deeply. He truly is my soulmate and my best friend. I probably don't tell him how much I appreciate him as much as I should, but I hope that he knows it. I hope that he knows just how much I love him and just how thankful I am that he is in my life. I truly am blessed.

I am thankful for my parents, my sister and brother. I wish that we lived closer and I could see them more often. I wish I could have seen them yesterday for Thanksgiving. I wish that we didn't have to move even further away. But, despite all the things I wish for, I could not wish for a better family. I love them and am very thankful for all the support and love they have ever given me. I truly am blessed.

I am thankful for the roof over my head and financial peace. There was a song that used to play often. I think it was called "Don't Laugh at Me." The part that has always stuck in my head is the part about the homeless man asking for money on the side of the street. It turns out that he wasn't just a druggie begging for money, but he was a man whose wife and baby died and he lost it. So, everytime I see a homeless person, I never assume the worst about them. I always try to think of what put them in that situation. My point is, I am thankful that I am not in that situation. I am thankful that I have a great roof over my head, food for my family, and am able to pay our bills and still buy my kids toys. I am thankful that I am able to stay home and be with my kids. I truly am blessed.

I am thankful for my friends. It seems like some friends come and go as you travel through the different stages of life. Even friends that you thought were going to be lifelong friends, sometimes turn out not to be. I do have regrets about drifting aways from some of my friends, but things are what they are. I have made some great friends since having Nathan-friends that I have a lot in common with, friends I can lean on and that can lean on me, lifelong friends. I truly am blessed.

I am thankful for my health. On the way to Garett's parents' house yesterday, I was telling Garett about someone that I know who was going to the Ritz for Thanksgiving dinner. I made Garett promise that if I ever die, he would always have a homecooked Thanksgiving meal for our kids on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I always make him promise to do things if I die. Hopefully, that will not happen anytime soon. Hopefully, I will live to watch all of my kids walk down the aisle and have kids of their own. Hopefully, Garett and I will grow very old together. So far, so good. I truly am blessed.


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